Free Booth for Qualified Dealers

2 Special Offers for 2017 – Attn: Mineral & Gem Dealers!

All qualified mineral dealers who join us in 2017 will receive TWO free 10′ x 10′ booths for TWO years,
All qualified gem dealers who join us in 2017 will receive ONE free 10’ x 10’ booth for the first TWO years.

The Denver Mineral Show - September 9 -17

Any dealer who exclusively sells minerals and/or gems can qualify who sets up an attractive booth, uses proper lighting and displays, offers compelling specimens, and maintains a website or robust FaceBook page. The intent is to create an upscale retail environment. Dealers can sell wholesale but you must maintain a professional looking booth while doing it.

To ensure a successful event from the very first year, we’re making this free offer to every mineral dealer & gem dealer on Earth who meets the mentioned standards. Dealer costs are for tables ($50 each from us, but we prefer that you provide your own), electricity ($150), and showcase rentals from the supplier of your choice (or bring your own). In 2019 the booth price reverts to $900 per booth. The separate high-end Coors Art Room is a museum gallery with thick carpeting, 150 overhead spotlights, a snazzy built-in receptionist desk area, and enhanced security. During the National Western Stock Show (every January for the last 110+ years) this is where the rancher millionaires buy art. At approx 4,000 sq. feet, the high-end Coors Art Room can fit only 18 dealers who pay a $2,000 surcharge in addition to their booth fee. You can see the Coors Art Room in the schematic further below.

Special Offer Limited Stipulations:

This is a 1st year offer only and limited to new dealers who have not exhibited at the Denver Coliseum Show for at least the last two years OR those who have renewed their Denver Coliseum Show booth / tent for 2017, paid in full, and wish to have a second location at this new show. These dealers must maintain their same size booth / tent at the 2018 Denver Coliseum Show as well.

If you are a qualified mineral or gem dealer, we look forward to working for you.

 Participation at the inaugural Denver Mineral Show does not interfere with the set-up of any other show


How to Apply for your FREE 2017 Booth at The Denver Mineral Show

Step #1 – Download the 2017 Dealer Application – Fill Out
Step #2 – Email completed application to either
Justin Zzyzx  –
Lowell Carhart –

2-page ad in the July-August issue of the Mineralogical Record

Still Not Sure ?? – Some Final Notes on The Denver Mineral Show

If you are already doing a show in Denver, then for pretty much just the cost of an extra person you can also participate in this new show. With all the chaos this year (e.g. a show moving, a new show opening, another closing, dealers switching shows, new construction, etc.) a free pair of booths at this new show is cheap insurance to ensure that you are successful this year. If you wait until 2018 to join us you’ll get a free pair of booths for only 2018. So why not take the calculated risk and join us this year to maximize your revenue and minimize your potential losses?

This new show will be advertised on the front cover of the Denver EZ-Guide and the International EZ-Guide, six pages of the Mineralogical Record, and more than 100 billboards and back-lighted bus shelters throughout Denver and Colorado Springs. Last year’s attendance of 40,000+ was driven by our $150,000 advertising campaign. This year’s ad campaign costs $175,000 and that will increase to $210,000 next year with our ad on the newly completed 1,000-foot long digital billboard on Pena Blvd one mile west of the Denver Airport.